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What are the top 3 business benefits of Social Media?

Firstly, Social Media will increase online identity which in turn will add value to offline brand image. This again will infuse more confidence and pride among stakeholders, and serves as a great reminder to past customers, existing customers and creates awareness among prospective customers enabling repeat or new sales.
It adds value to the networth of the company in the form of goodwill and digital asset evolvement.  For example, a well positioned Internet presence, whether a Blog, a Website, an Internet Portal or a Social Media profile can be sold in the market place.

Which Social Media sites are most relevant for business sector?

Every other Social Media channel like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ can be used effectively for marketing and business promotion.  There are scores of other social media channels that could be utilized for more aggressive and impactful marketing campaigns.

How can a small company with a turnover of INR 10.00 million benefit from Social Media usage?

The foremost decision should be on the very purpose and objective of targeting social media.  Every business - whether a small industry, a SME or a large enterprise should at the outset define to itself as to what is expected to be achieved through social media?  Is it for gaining online reputation or increasing business through online marketing or what else?  

Based on the above, any company irrespective of its business size or turnover can utilize social media.  In fact social media is very effectively utilized for individual pursuits like personal branding, self-employment and part-time money earning.

Did you ever handle Social Media campaigns for any of your clients?  What is the ROI you achieved?

Yes.  In one of the cases the client had got sales leads well before he entered into the market.  Besides the client’s Internet presence has increased manifold leading to online reputation.  The official blog of the client became a far reaching platform in just three months achieving 7% hit ration against 1.7 lakh impressions a month from 43 countries.  Besides there have been 10s of requests for banner ad placement and empanelment as guest blogger.

The above is achieved with minimum marketing efforts. You may please visit our clients’ page to understand our portfolio achieved in the first three months of starting our social media services.

What are your suggestions to companies or individuals who would like to explore Social Media for their business?

Primarily, please determine the purpose of entering into social media. Social Media campaign or engagement should not be construed as one time activity.  Not that you should not use it for one time requirement of an online campaign.  For businesses who would like to achieve reputation and sales it should be taken up as a long-term and consistent activity than a one time positioning.

Consistency, quality and transparency are the foremost requirements in social media presence creation and management.  Ensure that every word you release on social media stands to its meaning, commitment and context.

You should engage a professional agency for social media marketing campaign, reputation campaign or any single event campaign.  Social Media marketing or Search Engine marketing should be strategically designed, developed and managed.  If you have team members who are Internet savvy, you may avail one time service of an expert agency for design, development and deployment of search engine marketing and social media campaign, whereafter your team members can engage themselves in the campaign management.

Is blogging a part of Social Media?

Yes and No. Social Media is a part of Web 2.0 Technologies.  Web 2.0 generally comprises Wikis, Blogs, CMS, Social Media or Social Networking Channels, SEO and Web Analytics.  

However blogging should be considered as the core of any social media campaign or search engine marketing.  My suggestion would be that such campaigns should be pivoted on an official blog which would speak about company’s products, company's services, and business offering significances, case studies, feedback from existing customers and more.

What is business blogging?

Business blogging or official blogging or corporate blogging are one and same.  A business can go for blogging consisting activities like:

  • Original and effective content on company's expertise
  • Company product and/or service description
  • Updates on company's growth and achievements
  • Company's vision and vision reach path
  • Case studies on its offerings and benefits
  • Customer feedback
  • Periodical appearance of senior management through Blog video and many more strategic steps

How does personal blogging and business blogging differ?

Personal blogging can be on mundane subjects.  It primarily is a social engagement activity which in course of time can build personal brand identity.  

Business blogging is cardinally for business identity development, customer interaction, regular updates and most importantly focused to the business activity.

What is your advice for a prospective client of yours?

Kindly be clear about what you plan to achieve on social media, engage a professional social media agency, and have patience before you get results.

If you are not sure about how you could utilize social media platform you may avail advice of a professional agency.

What is the minimum time frame to achieve results out of a social media campaign?

Depends on the purpose of the campaign, the model of the campaign and the aggressiveness with which the campaign is pursued.
It can be in a month, in a quarter or so.

What are the key areas of business where social media can be used for growth and development?

  • Online branding
  • Online marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Customer interaction
  • Customer support
  • Sales and marketing development
  • Recruitment
  • Supplier registration and engagement
  • Vendor management
  • Talent repository
  • Event launch
  • Social cause
  • Research and survey;
  • Many such purposes.

Does Social Media positively enhance my offline Brand Image?

Yes. Well strategized and quality social media campaigns increase the value of online brand identity and add online reputation points to the offline image.  Social media increases company’s networth value through virtual value or goodwill development.

What is Personal Branding?

It is achieving personal reputation through offline or online pursuits.  Any individual whether a celebrity, a politician, a poet, an author, a student, an artist, a professional, an intellectual and anyone can exploit social media channels to increase personal reputation and brand value.

What is the minimum budget required to launch Social Media Marketing?

It mostly depends on purpose, schedules, and strategy.  It can be a one human resource cost per month which could be INR 25000/- or cost of multiple resources deployed for the campaign.

What are Google Ads?  Are they part of Social Media?

Google Ads are the most effective media for social media campaign and online marketing.  Google Ads accelerate the campaign result process once designed and deployed by a professional agency.

What is Enterprise 2.0?

In a nutshell Enterprise 2.0 is Social Networking platform customized and deployed for Corporate enterprises or Web 2.0 platform on Enterprise intranet.  Enterprise 2.0 infrastructure may consist Blogging, Micro Blogging, Wiki, Live Chat, Content Sharing, Collaboration, Analytics and any other tools that are generally part of Web 2.0 technologies.  Enterprise 2.0 invariably includes controlled integration with Social Networking tools Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus and more.

Do you offer Social Media services?

Yes.  We offer services for Social Media campaigns, Search Engine Marketing, Video marketing, Corporate Blogging and many of the services under Web 2.0.  You may please check our services page for detailed information.

Is Social Media a better option for experienced or freshers for employment?

Social Media offers several job options in the form of Social Media Analyst, Social Media Manager, Online Marketing Executive, Digital Media Strategist, Web Content Writer, Blogger, Web 2.0 Developer and many.  Evolution of Social Media has definitely added a great job source for candidates who are English literate and who have got passion to enrich themselves with committed deliverables.

Every business should get their Sales and Marketing team trained on Social Media marketing and online marketing to increase business through online sales or sales through online leads.

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